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Dating bakelite buttons

Gold buttons dating bakelite buttons rare, but still produced. These are all sew through buttons and many had stencil-like patterns or dating bakelite buttons decals on them. Show the front and the back of the pin or clip. We have thousands of buttons of all the sorts you listed here plus rubber, paper and so far unidentifiable materials.

I also have jewely from the 30s/40s in free dating events singapore kind of plastic, which was widely used.

Hot water is the most accurate test. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. I appreciate the insight — and the encouragement! Did you forward it through a comment? Thank you so much for stopping by! If it smells like vicks vapo-rub (camphor), its Celluloid.

Other common, less expensive materials included metal, especially brass and copper. Originally published in 1988, before the proliferation dating bakelite buttons phoney reproductions began. Some Celluloids were revelation dating to imitate other materials like wood dating bakelite buttons ivory. The photos are actual photos of the buttons I recently acquired. Sure wish I had know before I started breaking backs off, filing down, etc.

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They were substituted with modern plastics, which was more resistant to machine washing etc, along the 1950s and no longer produced. These buttons feel heavier than other buttons yet some of these could be very thin. This volume is considered the Bible of button-collecting. I collect 30s clothing and have seen zips on sleeves and have a garment in my shop right now with zippers on the shoulders!

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Vegetable Ivory became the choice button for mens jackets which was introduced during that time and replaced old dress coats. Metal zippers begin to be replaced after 1963 with the invention of nylon, which introduces the plastic zipper. We will be creating a website for our collection when we have finished putting it in order.

If the Q-tip turns yellow, the button is made from Bakelite. We have not cleaned any as when we are finished sorting, we will leave that job to the future owners. I have six chinese irory buttons that were sewen on to the priests robes and are beautifully hand carved into the shape of people and some have heads that turn from one side to the other all in one piece, These are from pre war China and at least seveny to eighty years old.

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It’s by Koret, in mint condition, and fits like a glove! Would you have any information on these buttons? Thanks to Schiaparelli, metal zippers were put to creative use on many 1930s dresses.

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Natural materials were originally utilized. Bakelite didnt just come in fall colors, came in pink, turquoise, blue. For antique and vintage buttons made of natural materials, carving was common. Some brass or copper buttons had a painted or enameled finish.

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Also, you should note that even current clothing may have French seams if the material is very fine or transparent. I am an archaeologist and am trying to date a blue plastic button. If you know the history or provenance of a button, or even better—a set of buttons—record it in detail and keep it with the buttons. We are always looking for new members.

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I have some old French buttons still on the sales card. Any contact information appreciated. You may need to experiment a bit, but definitely NEVER use a hot needle to identify a button. It does not mean it is modern though, it is probably Catalin which is a similar resin further developed afterwards which can also be transparent!

I do not get to log in to HP as much dating bakelite buttons I would dating bakelite buttons lately. I have been racking my brain since Friday when I got this. Some pieces of black Bakelite login dating not turn the Simichrome from pink to yellow, even though theyre Bakelite.

Clean using a soft cloth or mild detergent and water drying them completely. With your help I now think that it is a pewter button.

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