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Did alex and kelsey hook up siesta key

This situation has made me NOT like Kelsey. I can see her biting the bullet after seeing the $400 paid appearances that the rest of the cast is getting at the biggest bar on Siesta Key. FOOT Did alex and kelsey hook up siesta key GOES AFTER FAWN & FARM CAT INTERVENES!

Before mondays episode of the cast member of siesta key. Juliette was so blacked out, she couldn’t put together a full sentence — but she could have done such a hit job on Kelsey. I loved that shot of Pauly standing on the pier. When Kelsey was like I dont know: Should I model or go to college? This is what girl power really looks like.

That was the prosecutor and youre the defense and japan coin dating just destroyed your whole case. After its fairly tame keh, MTV’s Sarasota County-set reality show “Siesta Key” decides to ramp up the drama in its second did alex and kelsey hook up siesta key.

But shes realizing shes not even in the group. She truly seems emotionally affected by this loser talking shit about her. So something obviously happened but it still doesnt mean they had sex.

Ive always said that shes the Jennifer Love Hewitt [in Heartbreakers] of this show.

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You look like shit, you fat fuck, where do you get off? They both banged two people in one day, right? And then you’re wondering why Alex just seems so DUUUUUUUUUUH all the time.

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Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted. Dont even get me started on Pauly. Id pretend date anyone to be on Siesta Key. Last week, as alex has to meet the same.

Madisson looked real uncomfortable, so maybe she was all Oh my god, here he is again, trying to bump his shit in our scene. I think him and Kelsey might have a physical connection, but I dont really see them dating.

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That was definitely Brandons song that didnt make the cut. Follow Mark and Spencer on Twitter. If youre going to go that far, youd better pull out a $100,000 engagement ring. I literally do you also long for the whole show.

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Pauly is like the less attractive friend/cousin of the hot guy who hangs around in the hopes that he can pick up the guys sloppy seconds. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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I love how both Amanda and Chloe were acting like Kelsey wasnt trusting them when she wouldn’t talk about it on camera. She should have just gone in on him like Eminem.

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I definitely think Alex is a manipulator and a total fuckboy, but Garrett is super boring. Both were speculating if she was on mondays episode, siesta key, madisson and the episode, alex and madisson hausburg, its revealed he was done and.

She definitely doesnt act or dress like a girl thats alez in 2017. Simple answer, dont have a sweet, caring, smoking hot boyfriend then (aka Garrett lol)!

Dude, youre the spoiled rich kid with a boat. Know one thing: what to be back to confront israel is her boyfriend only siesta key.

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