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I’m currently on metro pcs lg Optimus f6 phone and I want to switch the phone to an AT&T iPhone 5, it’s already unlocked I want to know if I can use my lg Optimus SIM card on the iPhone 5 instead of buying a new one? Where can does metro pcs hook up iphones buy the sim card at the local store ebay or where? Can I order or buy an iPhone 5c and activate it with Metro PCS and still be on the 4 for $100 plan.

APN settings (internet settings) for Bring your own phone. So Ive been asking myself if I can activate it on Metro. I’m with AT&T & does metro pcs hook up iphones a iPhone 6 Plus S. All you have to do is buy a T-Mobile iPhone and a GSM natchitoches dating card (available at any metroPCS dealer). Click the Home option and you will be set to receive and send MMS on Metro PCS!

Please check carefully as there is no refund, return or credit for SIM cards.

I take meetro to metro PCs and have service, because they said its only for straight talk. Can I active a iphone 4s Verizon on metro pcs? If Clyde 1 dating site bought a used iPhone without any voice or data plan, I think it could still connect to does metro pcs hook up iphones with Wi-Fi to download the App, but I think I could then only use the phone outside the house if I find a public Wi-Fi spot.

If you already mstro a member of these services, then you only have to pay $15 for the services.

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I was able to use an iPhone 5s on Metro that I had used previously on T-Mobile, but remember, that phone uses a nano sim, so its not just a matter of taking your sim card out of a non-Apple phone and putting it into an iPhone. If you are someone who has a CDMA iPhone, then you can get it flashed to the services of Metro PCS. Go back to “Settings”, tap on “General” and then “Cellular”.

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I have an Iphone 4S from AT&T and was able to switch over. I just want to know if I will still be able to use LTE/4G? Return Policy: No refund or return for SIM card purchased or related service. Usually, the authorized dealers are more willing to help than the corporate.

Had the same problem correct it by going to settings - Cellular- Enable Lte- and set to data only . Hi, while on vacation in plano Texas, I purchased a metro Sim, which I used on my unlocked iphone 7 and worked perfectly. I was able to still text, surf web & play games. Individuals adore the Metro PCS services because there is no contract involved and the compatibility of these services with the iPhone is mind-blowing.

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When LTE isnt around its at 4G. Check your warranty and carrier contract to see what conditions apply before unlocking. The iPhones that work with these services usually run off the GSM (T-Mobile and AT&T). The direct stores of Metro PCS do not support such flashing, but other companies advertise that this procedure is possible.

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Your old phone should be switched off throughout the process so that the signals do not come in the way of the transferring process. For your phone, you can find the serial number (also known as IMEI) in a number of places including the retail box, inside the phone under the battery (if your battery is accessible) or through the device settings menu on your phone.

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Yes, you can buy an unlocked iPhone 6, and yes you can put it on MetroPCS. Yes you can, but it would have to be factory unlocked and those cost $650.

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I have an LG Spirit 4G LTE and was wondering if I can simply switch the SIM card from Spirit to iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus). Enter the manufacturer, model name or model number, then select your phone from the list below. The answer to this question is no!

Constantly what dating sites are totally free NO Service but then switches to “Metro Pcs wifi” when at home…. Note: if you plan to use an iPhone 4s or earlier model, you will not need a nano SIM card, but rather, depending on the model of your phone, a micro or standard SIM card.

If i am already with Metro PCS and I’m on the 4 for $100 does metro pcs hook up iphones with my family and I would like to switch to an iPhone.

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