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Tera online dungeon matchmaking

In TERA it usually does, but theres no way a new player would tera online dungeon matchmaking that. My point is, extra rewards dungron low tier dngs will only make running higher tier dngs more pointless and. If you have been MM for 30 minutes then you are not to high of a level and there you will get a message about having a hard time finding you a party after 3-5 minutes. I see absolutely no reason why they should be unequal.

I q low ilvl instances on my SC characters all the time - to help new players. I’ve seen more posts about you complaining about complaining than actual complaints. First of all, the idea that newer players will learn from having more experienced players in the same run really only applies to DPS, or healers/tanks playing on alt DPS tera online dungeon matchmaking, since youre not going to have 2 healers or 2 tanks in a run.

So regardless of them being chosen or not, theyll be part of the same mindless ethical non monogamy dating for quick buck. This also destroys established parties. Pushing high gear players into playing with lowballs would only make it into a quick buck. But the biggest flaw here is that, while the OP of this thread might be a nice person that teaches new players, a pretty large majority of older players dont or wont tera online dungeon matchmaking out tefa their way to help newer players, especially in IMS for players on other servers who they probably wont see ever again.

Also, having low ilvl players in a party wouldnt be a prerequisite since the rewards would be ilvl (personal) dependent. I even more worried about some 3 and 4 star dungeons not poping up at all on IM than 2 star dungeons.

Noones tera online dungeon matchmaking because servers are low and noone is down to help. Which is terrible because tanks is what IMS needs, not DPS or healers, and this change cant possibly give enough incentive to high geared tanks to slog through IMS.

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Just keep doing your same auto-attack forever, and the dungeon just gets cleared faster and faster, why? Just having someone doing right by your side doesnt mean youre doing wrong if youre doing different. Its really easy to learn basic positioning, but a lot harder to learn good positioning. Normalize the ilvl of endgame players to match the the lower level dungeon and add some rewards (like gold or crafting mats) so its worth doing?

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In Tera, just not knowing how to keep to the back of the boss reduces your overall damage by at least 50%. However, if they can simply make IM more rewarding so that it pops more frequently, I would say that is a win.

The current system is almost counter productive when you think about it. Some people have already mentioned that your proposed changes will bring along other problems to the community.

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Its very quick and i assure you there is a lot already there without really grinding. Basically, the ones that do need to watch, cant afford it.

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If there are players doing what you are doing, then great! Both BHS and EmE also cannot make the IMS system in anyway decent as the whole issue lies on the player base.

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Having a new healer in the party might be a mixed bag, lots of endgame players tank damage for extra DPS in lower tier dungeons, putting more work on the healer. As such, runs naturally take longer.

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Theres also the other problem in that a lot of newer players who need help, a lot of the time dont want it, or get upset having some pro player telling them what to do. Obviously, just declining others ideas aint helping crap, so since I do know my proposal of AI bots on dungeons to teach players is far-fetched (we know how lazy AND incompetent BHS is with code), then I will just revert down to rewarding. Because people arent able to move on from these dungeons as they dont learn boss mechanics or even their own class mechanics, the IMS for mid tier and then end-game dungeons becomes non-existant, forcing people to use LFG.

My friend just got a error code that forced him to have to reinstall game? Sadly, I dont want to be pessimistic, but rather Im just tera online dungeon matchmaking on that.

Why not just make it 600% for all though (for teea

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